Self Publishing: Why All The Hate?

Please Note: This is my opinion of self publishing and the people who criticize it. 

Self Publishing always seems to be shown in a negative light. Granted, I think it’s good not to sugar coat things. It’s true that Self Publishing is often a crap shoot. Even if your book is out there it doesn’t mean anyone is going to read it or give a damn. You also got to realize you’re not going to make a lot of money. Sometimes you might not sell one copy.
All of the above information I have read in articles and blogs regarding self publishing. While this information is true I believe self publishing is cast unfairly in a negative light. Here are some of the stigmas attached with self publishing.
If you’re self published you’re not a real writer! A self published book is full of grammar and spelling errors! You’re self published? I guess that means you’re not good enough.
Some of these points are valid and others are just complete idiotic bullshit. Being a real writer has nothing to do with being published or self published. Guess what? We are all writers! That paper you wrote in 3rd grade about how you had a crush on paddy mayonnaise from Doug (Hey I don’t judge) makes you a writer. That Facebook post you wrote about skanky hoes makes you a writer. We all speak a language and we all write in that language. WE ARE ALL WRITERS.
Some self published works (like mine) did not have the luxury of having a professional editor look over it. So yes some (not all) self published works do have spelling and grammar problems. I’ll be the first to admit that my book does have a few spelling errors. However, I honestly did take the time to make sure my book was as polished as possible. I had multiple people look at it. I looked over it sometimes more then once a day. Fact is, I am not perfect and neither are the people I had look at the book. Things were missed, things that I kick myself in the ass everyday for missing. I am by no means making any excuses for myself either. The fact is though, that even some books published by big time publishers have been found to have a mistake or two.
I’ve read many great books written by self published authors. I believe that any of those authors have a great chance at being picked up by a publisher. I’ve also read some self published books that were absolute garbage. In the same respect, I have read books professionally published that were absolute garbage as well. My point is that if you smell the shit of a self published author and then smell the shit of a published author. It’s bound to smell exactly the same. Like shit.
I ran into someone in a Facebook group who was talking about this great book they had just written. They claimed it was a future best seller and a super original idea (I admire people with high confidence levels).
One day, I saw this writer post in the Facebook group that his book was rejected by another publisher. He then went on to say that they would be sorry when the book’s a big hit (Pretty good attitude to have).
I replied to his post saying that perhaps he should consider self publishing. I mean why not? If this book is as hot as he said it was then hell, he should just put it out there and give a big fuck you to those who turned you down. Well his reply was a huge rant on self publishing and the stigma that comes with it. How no one takes you seriously and you can’t get into any writing groups! Oh the horror! Fuck! I guess my dreams of joining any writing groups are dashed!
I found it funny that a person who has never had anything published would knock self publishing. Also, his reply to my post was filled with spelling errors. So really, he would fit in nicely with us self published folk.


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